Every company owes its success to its team, it is their expertise, commitment and knowledge that can neither be replicated nor bought.
Every member at Star Engineering is an expert in the field he belongs to, we have taken a deliberate effort in reinforcing ourselves by recruiting personnel from across the world that makes us who we are.
Our work process and force is divided into 3 wings and each wing is influenced under the magnanimous leadership of Mr Jayavardhan .


Our technical wing is responsible for inspecting the machinery that has been proposed for sale by the client.
We comprehensively check its operation, condition and quality output.
After inspecting its performance we build a detailed report and send it to our commercial wing.


The job of our commercial wing is to evaluate the pricing of the machinery based on the reports made by the technical wing and to ensure the price is competitive with the market rate.
Keeping in mind all the principles of the company the product is purchased.
Then the job of this wing is to lookout for suitable buyers who are on a pursuit of the obtained machinery.
Once the commercial wing procures the suitable client, the job is handed over to the export wing


The role of this wing is to dismantle the entire machinery, refurbish it, check its most minuscule parts working capability and repair it to perfection if needed.
Once that is done, the product is packaged in a unique manner that stays intact till it reaches and client and post.
Even the smallest parts are packed with great detailing.
But our biggest forte lies in our timely delivery, Prompt settlement of claims, if any (though we haven’t encountered even one till date) and post purchase service.